Swinging Shower Doors

Nothing But Glass!

Hinged swinging shower doors are the most frameless option you can find. Just a couple of hinges, and handle, and a couple of clamps to secure any panels. There is no U-channel, framing, or header required. There are many advantages to going with a swing frameless shower door.

Swinging Door Advantages

  • Most open, clean, and fully frameless option
  • Typically more water tight than sliding doors
  • Well made long lasting parts
  • Safer & stronger glass
  • Easier to clean

Quality Hardware

Hardware makes the shower door stand out. We will work with you to pick to most beautiful hardware that works well in your bathroom. With accessories like robe hooks and towel bars built into the glass.

Over Twenty Different Finishes

We supply many different types of finishes from the common finishes like Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel to more unique types like Antique Brushed Copper and Gold Plated.

Clear Glass vs. Ultra Clear Glass

The difference between Clear Glass and Ultra Clear Glass is significant. The green tint in regular clear glass is the result of lead materials in the glass. The makers of Ultra Clear glass, or what may also be know as Low Iron or Starphire, have found a way to extract some of the iron therefore reducing the green tint in regular clear glass. Ultra Clear glass costs more, but many of our customers say it is worth the price increase.

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