Shower Door Cleaning and Care

Shower Door Cleaning and Care

The glass and the hardware are the two main things to think about when considering shower door cleaning and care. Most people use harsh chemicals to clean their shower. This is understandable considering mold and mildew can grow in a shower people want to use something strong enough to kill mold. However, while that might be ok to use on tile, it will destroy your shower door glass and hardware. Both the glass and the hardware can easily become damaged overtime without the proper cleaning and care.

Although it may be unlikely to damage glass with typical cleaning products, it is very easy to damage the hardware. Shower Door hardware is manufactured using either an aluminum or a brass composite. When these metals are exposed to liquids with a pH balance over 9, they start to oxidize, corrode, and pit. Look at the chart below to understand more about cleaners and pH levels.

We encourage our customers to clean both the glass and the hardware with a mild cleaner. Avoid using products that contain ingredients like ammonia or bleach. Using a gentle dish soap with water mixture is safe. Vinegar and lemon are good ingredients. Typical glass cleaners like Sprayaway, Windex, and Glass plus are all made with and without ammonia. Always buy ammonia free cleaners for shower enclosures.

How to Prevent Etched Shower Glass?

  1. Apply a glass protectant
  2. Squeegee or dry the glass after showering
  3. Don’t shower (bad idea)
If you do not spend the extra money for a coating like Diamond Fusion or ShowerGuard, consider applying Rain-x from time to time. It wears off relatively quickly compared to the permanent coatings, but product is cost effective and works great for a short period of time. You will have to re-apply it every 4-6 weeks.
Diamond Fusion (DFI) care instructions
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