Shower Guard & Ultra Clear Glass

Two Types of Protectants:

Wipe on & Permanent
EnduroShield® is a wipe on application that can last for a couple of months to a couple years depending on care and use.

ShowerGuard® is a permanent product. The protectant is embedded into the glass surface.

Learn about ShowerGuard

Clear Glass vs. Ultra Clear Glass

The difference between Clear Glass and Ultra Clear Glass is significant. The green tint in regular clear glass is the result of lead materials in the glass. The makers of Ultra Clear glass, or what may also be know as Low Iron or Starphire, have found a way to extract some of the iron therefore reducing the green tint in regular clear glass. Ultra Clear glass costs more, but many of our customers say it is worth the price increase.

Ultra Clear Glass

Some people are surprised to learn that when it comes to shower doors there are actually two types of clear glass: standard clear glass, and ultra clear glass. What’s the difference? Regular clear glass has a higher iron content. This higher iron content shows more of a green tint. It tends to be more visible on lighter colored backgrounds. The green tint is especially noticeable on white tile. The edges of the glass area dark green color. With ultra clear glass, the manufacturer removes more of the iron content, making the glass appear more crystal clear. You see the natural color of the tile. The edges of the glass have a slight aqua color. The process of making ultra clear glass requires more time and energy. This makes the glass cost more. Since the cost is calculated by the square footage, on smaller shower doors it may be slightly more and on larger showers it will be more. Below are some pictures of regular clear glass next to ultra clear glass.
In many cases, we add ultra clear glass when we write up your proposal as an optional upgrade. Our shower door technicians and sales representatives can offer recommendations on what is right for your bathroom all things considered. Which ever option you choose, Timeless Shower Doors will make your shower enclosure will look great.

Regular Clear Glass and Lighting

Sometimes your glass looks greener because of the lighting in your bathroom. The lightbulb is measured in Kelvin. It is the technical or scientific term for measuring the color of the light. The higher in Kelvin (5000K), the more green the glass will appear. The lower the measurement, also know as Soft White (2600K), the less green you will see. Sometime changing your lightbulbs can make a significant difference in how the shower looks.

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