Glass Protectants

Glass Protectants act like a shield. Water in a shower area contains chemicals from the soap you use and minerals in the water. Without proper cleaning or a glass protectant, over time, your glass will become stained and etched. These chemicals and minerals can permanently embed themselves into the glass.

If you look at glass on a magnified level it is not smooth. It feels smooth to the touch, but if you magnify it, you can see there are many of peaks and valleys. Glass Protectants fill the gaps in the glass protecting it and making it smooth. Glass protectants also have a coating the repels the water so the minerals and soap roll off the glass making it easier to clean.

(DFI) Diamond Fusion and Shower Guard

Timeless Shower Doors offers two different types of coatings: Diamond Fusion also known as DFI and ShowerGuard made by Guardian Glass. ShowerGuard was first to market with coating technology for showers enclosures. Diamond fusion is used on all types of glass surfaces, including glass in high rises and on auto glass. Both protectants are great products and offer a lifetime warranty, but are different in the way they are designed. With ShowerGuard, the coating is baked into the glass and cannot wear off. The coating is only present on the interior surface of the glass. With Diamond Fusion (DFI), the glass is put into a vacuum sealed chamber and sprayed on. Therefore, the coating is on both surfaces of the glass. There are pros and cons to both types of coatings.

Questions To Ask When Considering a Shower Glass Protectant.

  1. How bad is my water?
  2. How well do I clean the glass after each use?
  3. How often is the shower used?

What Causes Water Stains on Shower Glass?

Resting Water

Resting water on glass is a problem. Water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. When you are done showering, the left-over water on the glass evaporates and leaves behind the minerals that can permanently embed themselves into the glass. You can help minimize this by drying the glass when you are done showering with a towel or a squeegee.

Soap scum

Soaps also have chemicals and minerals in them. Soap residue gets on the glass and can worsen the etching in your glass. For good clean long-lasting glass, it needs to be kept free of soap. Some soaps are worse than others. White bar soap seems to be the worst and clear liquid soaps seem to be the best.

How do I Keep my Shower Door Looking New?

  • Apply a glass coating
  • Dry or squeegee the glass after showering