Custom Glass & Wine Rooms

Wine Rooms

A Wine Room for Everyone!

Frameless Shower Doors are very similar to Wine Rooms in the way they are designed and installed. That’s why we specialize in wine enclosures. We also install the wine racks and wine pegs to display the bottles on the walls. There are many different types of applications when it comes to wine bottle display. When can walk your through the type that works best for you and your area.

Preserving Wine

We are very familiar also with the preservation of wine. To keep it simple, three things spoil wine: temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Some people choose to have their wine enclosure temperature and humidity controlled. We can help there as well connecting you with electricians and HVAC contractors. We serve all of metro Detroit and Oakland and Macomb counties. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Glass Railings

Glass Railings are typically used in an application where someone is trying to open up a space or keep from obstructing a view. If you have a deck, a second floor, or a stairway that you would look great with glass, we can help with that.

Office Glass Partitions

Open up your office with Office Glass Partitions. Many people don’t like to be closed in an office all day long. (Click here to read 5 benefits to installing Office Glass Partitions.) Installing glass can open up the space and improve the mood tremendously. It can completely change the environment of the offices. Glass entry systems are becoming more and more common and there are different way to achieve that open glass look.

Clear Glass vs. Ultra Clear Glass

The difference between Clear Glass and Ultra Clear Glass is significant. The green tint in regular clear glass is the result of lead materials in the glass. The makers of Ultra Clear glass, or what may also be know as Low Iron or Starphire, have found a way to extract some of the iron therefore reducing the green tint in regular clear glass. Ultra Clear glass costs more, but many of our customers say it is worth the price increase.

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